Developing A Ritual Of Presence Through The Mindfulness Collection

Developing A Ritual Of Presence Through The Mindfulness Collection

Developing A Ritual Of Presence Through The Mindfulness Collection

Mindfulness is not just a meditative practice to participate in a few minutes a day. It is a way of life, an every day...every moment gift. It is the ability to use all your senses- to smell taste and see that life is beautiful. Our mindful collection has been developed to support this daily presence while supporting humanity and mother earth. To provide all who come in contact with our scents a luxurious experience.

From the time you awake to a precious new day to the time you bring yourself into the ease of a restful night, these nature-inspired scents will nourish your body and soul…


Lavender has been touted for its sweet scent of sleep, but is truly restorative anytime of day. It has a refreshing and yet relaxing quality. From the lavender body wash and lotion to the elegantly scented candles and diffuser, you are welcomed to start or end your day on a luxuriously beautiful note. Feel as if you are in a field of wonderful fragrance as you drift away from your cares and into a more relaxed state.

OUD Vanilla

The captivating vanilla of Madagascar is mixed with aged oud woods to create an experience that is sensuous and seductive. Experience an act of self-care like no other has you lovingly smooth this rich lotion over every portion of your skin. Feel soft, nourished and supported in your day to day living. If you truly want to bask in the experience, try the room perfume to feel surrounded by this intoxicating scent.


Lively, sultry, and grounded. Who would want to be anything else? Enrich your body, freshen your space, and take on the world with gusto. Native to India, Vetiver is considered one of the finest scents in the world. It is a scent that will bring you a sense of fearlessness. Experience this woody, earthy connection to nature. Try adding it to your beginning of the day ritual and up your empowerment quotient.

Wild Ylang

This one is for those who have the finest of tastes. It is exquisite in its presentation. Think the romance and freshness of an early spring day. Enliven your heart. Bring the scents of a field of wildflowers to your daily ritual. Like opening the windows to allow air to cleanse and purify a space. Tingle with joy as you feel renewed and revived. Burn the fragrant reed diffuser in any room that needs a spring-like boost.

Whatever scents you choose, you can know that nature has been supported. You are receiving the highest purity of ingredients free of chemicals and parabens. After all, luxury and purity work together in a magnificent harmony. These nature-inspired scents allow you to indulge your body and home in opulence. Add beauty to your home decor in a way that nurtures and enlivens. Add these scents to your personal care routine to bask in the presence of your life’s moments. May you live life mindfully.



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