Person Of Presence Yogi Cameron

Person Of Presence Yogi Cameron

Person Of Presence Yogi Cameron

“A Model Guru”

 From the world of high and fast fashion to a journey towards health and wholeness, Yogi Cameron has learned his path of presence along the way. Cameron has learned that it is not how far you travel or where you go, but the journey within that you need to take. Destinations do not change you. You change you by becoming present with yourself- your current state, current feelings, current habits.

“You can travel far and wide to find yourself but when you arrive at your destination you will discover that you are still the same.”

 Yogi Cameron is of course a Yogi but is also an Ayurvedic Therapist, Author and TV host. He is proof that living a life of presence is not about ceasing a busy life, it’s about developing a state of calm through the busyness.

 In his new book The Yogi Code, Cameron takes thousands of years of Yoga and Ayurveda wisdom and breaks it down into seven daily practices you can use, in your busy modern life, to look better, feel better, and live stress-free. What we all desire.

Yoga is a beneficial ritual of presence because it trickles through all areas of our lives helping us to live with more peace and purpose.

 “While most of us think of Yoga as a series of poses, the path of the Yogi goes far beyond the mat into a set of daily practices that enable us to live a life of better physical health, confidence, deeper connection with others, and purpose.”

 Cameron is proof that your journey can change over time as you become more in tune with your life’s motivation. Like many of us, he started out not knowing what he wanted to do. Cameron was living the life of a supermodel, in Paris, as the face of the well known brands Guess and Versace. After time in the fashion industry he began practicing yoga, with the help of some mentors, at the Sivananda Ashram in India and later became a yoga instructor. Cameron now works internationally to help all he comes in contact with develop more presence in their lives through yoga, meditation, and ayurveda.

 Cameron believes in the combined efforts of yoga with meditation to control both the senses and the mind.

 “The minds conflict is with the senses. Learn to control the senses (yoga) and you will be able to control the mind (meditation).”

People of presence embrace practices of presence by taking the time to tune into the senses and listen to their hearts. Sit and listen. See what your heart has to say. “Sit a little and expect only to hear the silence of your heart speaking loudly.” Develop your own ritual of presence for greater health and peace. Remember, “We are enough in the moment even if we think we need to be more.” The Mindfulness Collection is here to support you.

You can find Yogi Cameron’s inspirational posts on Facebook Here. His new book via Simon & Schuster Here or learn more about Cameron on his Website Here

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